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  • The goal of The Sonic Project is to provide the ultimate platform for the world's most-talented musicians, sound engineers, producers, web developers, and other audio-related professionals to come together to enjoy a better experience creating and sharing audio on the web. will host audio tournaments that allow all types of recording studio professionals to compete in various sonic project competitions. Each tournament is setup by a client to meet their specific project's demands in exchange for payment. The clients are basically commissioning the artists to produce high-quality audio files that meet certain project requirements, and the artist who does the best job is declared the winner and gets to keep the prize money. will provide a forum where web developers and software engineers can find useful code snippets, demo live audio players, and tap into a knowledge base for developing audio web technology that works. It will focus on the need for adopting higher standards for internet audio tools, while advocating for adoption of more universal audio formats and audio players available for web development.

    More information about "The Sonic Project" can be found at High Point Web Tech

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